Best Preschool Baby Toys For Developing The Baby Skills!

Best Preschool Baby Toys For Developing The Baby Skills!

Babies start learning from the very day they are born. From little smiles to innocent waves each day is a new experience and brings about new choices. Therefore in their growing years giving babies the right way to learn something new is very important. The baby preschool products are the best for instilling in the babies the introductory level of education and bringing to them a wide knowledge base. The preschool baby toys open up the minds of the babies and make them ready to gaining knowledge and taking in serious lessons in a playful way.

Buying guide for Preschool Baby Toys

When you are all set to buy the baby preschool products, the thought underlying the choice is that you have to give your baby something that is as innocent as the baby as well as brings some kind of learning to them. The products can be picked up based on the following criteria.

  • Quality

Babies should be given only quality products to hold which is safe for them. Any toy, book, game or even cushion should be clean and very high quality so that they are good for the baby skin. As baby skin is sensitive and requires the best care the quality of the preschool products stands of a good significance.

  • Learning perspective

The preschool products come with a learning perspective so that when the babies start playing with it the touch, color, feel and the idea of playing with it makes them learn something new. It is based on the choice that the movements of the game shall instill some knowledge into the baby.

  • Knowledge base

Of course, the little toys go a long way into happily teaching the babies about their upcoming lessons. The toys today come with inscribed alphabets, numbers and drawings which form an important part of their education. Therefore the preschool baby product should instill some knowledge.

  • Development

Games, toys and even pieces of furniture which are specially crafted for the babies are made for the utmost development of their mind and thoughts. The preschool baby product should be of some developmental use to the baby and make them work on their knowledge.

  • Audio and visuals

The baby preschool products should have some audio or visual aid to promote communication to the baby and help them get entertained. Audio and visuals help in developing their response, sensory and also getting attention.

Preschool Baby Toys: Product Reviews

1. Vtech baby playtime bus with phonics

VTech is one of the popular tech brands for baby preschool toys which beings in exceptional designs and learning tool for the babies. VTech celebrates the learning ways of a child through the aid of audio and visual help which is most colorful and entertaining for the babies. Vtech baby playtime bus with phonics is a bus toy which comes with a lot of buttons that have alphabets, numbers and symbols for the babies to learn while pressing them and listening to music. The opening door and the beautiful structure make the most of their learning about buses too.


  • Safety tested bus preschool toy
  • 100 interactive curriculum questions
  • Teaches phonic sounds, alphabets, letters, vocabulary etc
  • Helps in basic language development, motor skills, maths etc
  • Works like an interactive bus
  • Battery operated


  • Helps in honing the baby listening, language and alphabetical skills
  • Interactive bus for motor skill development
  • Playful toy making it entertaining for the kids
  • Perfect size for the toddlers and infants


  • Battery may die out soon
  • Fragile

2. LEGO 10816 Duplo My First Cars and Trucks

LEGO is one of the brands which excels in the building block games and brings the creative insights of the babies. With blocks, wheel base, window designs, and also a fire station design one can sit with the baby and help them make their own cars and trucks to get the best of structures and play with them. The blocks are made of plastic which is fit for the babies and can be easily played with.


  • Interactive building block, bricks, car designing building block
  • Made of plastic
  • Assorted vehicle themed building decorated toy


  • Helps in assorting right pieces
  • Hones the creative insight of children
  • Makes them cherish the car and truck environment


  • Needs parent supervision when playing
  • Self operated

3. Crayola 24 Crayons

Crayons have been one of the wonderful ways to introduce coloring and creativeness to people. Crayons bring in a lot of fun and colors to be taught to the baby about. They can easily match with the sky, trees and other fruit colors and start making the connections. Crayola crayons are one of the most child-friendly crayons with no harm to the sensitive skin of the babies.


  • Easy grip crayons
  • Develops child’s coloring skills
  • Less breakable
  • Best for children more than a year
  • Contains 24 crayons


  • Teaches colors to babies
  • Best to let them be creative


  • Babies can break them in no time
  • Gets wasted a lot

4. Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Lacing Beads – Educational Activity With 27 Beads and 2 Laces

Melissa & Doug is a brand known to have impactful toys for the babies which help in the development of their various skills. The Melissa & Doug deluxe wooden lacing beads is a special toy which features the wooden beads that have printed numbers, dots and shapes for the child to make the bead necklace and match it best with their coordination. This one teaches coordination, recognition of numbers, playing with shapes and more.


  • 27 beads and 2 laces
  • Handy wood tray for storage
  • Promotes skill development of choosing numbers and shapes
  • Best suited for kids of 3 years and more of age


  • Durably and handy to play
  • Teaches the child to know numbers and shapes
  • Easy to learn and safe to use


  • Does not work for babies below 3 years

5. Mega Bloks DCH54 Buildable Bag, 60 Pieces

Building blocks prove to be one of the best preschool baby toys for the learning babies. Mega Bloks has proved to be one of the most reliable brands which come with communicative and child-friendly quality building block which is easy to use, light to handle and very colorful for the babies. This one is eco-friendly, PVC-packaging and also portable.


  • 60 builder blocks to get the right play for children
  • Colourful pieces for playing
  • Eco-friendly, PVC-free packaging and portable
  • Ideal for children more than one year
  • Lightweight and easy to play


  • Durable and lightweight to play for kids
  • Ideal for growing children
  • Develops creative skills and interactive skills


  • Takes time for babies to learn
  • Needs parents involvement

6. VTech baby toot everyday vehicles

VTech brings the best of baby preschool toys in a tech-oriented design to help children love the experience of new colors and shapes. The VTech baby toot everyday vehicle is a uniquely designed everyday vehicle that is very easy to play with and makes the babies enjoy their time with the toys. Qualitative, smooth finish and mostly under the grip of babies of age more than a year, the toys prove to be great for people.


  • Plastic and battery operated car, truck and van
  • Has sound effects and phrases
  • Encourages imaginative play
  • Vehicle features fun songs too


  • Fun interactive sounds and colorful toy helps children enjoy
  • Makes them learn syllables and pick singing
  • Develops motor skills


  • Runs out of battery easily
  • May not suit all the babies

7. Toomies Hide & Squeak Eggs Preschool Toy

TOMY brings the best of interactive toys for the babies to develop their emotional, interactive and communicative skills. The Tomy Toomies hide & sneak eggs preschool toy is one very entertaining piece of the preschool baby toy which helps the babies of 6 months and more to learn about the colors, expressions and fancy touching game. This one is egg-shaped and comes with several expressions and moods that help in getting the right feel.


  • Plastic egg basket for communicative play
  • Suitable for children of 6 months and more
  • Shape sorting game for babies
  • Light feel press and chip sticks


  • Helps in color and shape learning skills
  • Simple play toy for babies
  • Hones their shape sorting and arranging skills


  • Does not hold any special attraction


Babies need special toys at each age to hone their skills and continue developing their knowledge from time to time. The baby preschool toys help in getting the right knowledge of sorting colors, learning sound, pick up words and more so that babies already start picking up words and phrases. The special musical toys and cars ring in much-needed skills so that babies can enjoy learning new things and hearing new syllables.

Want your baby to grab things faster? Want to teach your baby motor skills and more? The preschool baby toys might just be the right pick for you!


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