Best Toys and Games For Toddlers: Turn Your Toddler Smarter With Both Learning And Playing

Best Toys and Games For Toddlers: Turn Your Toddler Smarter With Both Learning And Playing

Playtime is not just about play where your little toddler remains confined to an activity that is funny but he/she is learning something from his toys and games about the environment, about daily as well as special activities that takes place around them. Toddlers are explorers who learn through the process of exploring because there is a curiosity in them to know what lies ahead and how a certain activity occurs and they find joy in all such activities. Now, this function of finding joy along with an experience of learning has been termed as Playtime.

Buying Guide: Points to consider before you buy toys and games for toddlers

Games and Toys that can sharpen your toddler’s thinking capability and lighten up his mood, is where a parent needs to take their time in while choosing among so many. It is not necessarily true that every toy and game that you will buy will cost you much, though they aren’t really cheap but they are pocket-friendly and affordable, far better to invest in a game or toy rather than sending your toddler for babysitting.

  • Look for toys and games which your Baby can put to multiple uses, be it linking them together, pulling out, building something and so on. Buy Baby and Toddler toys that will eventually show how creative your baby can get.
  • Always choose toys whose use and playtime isn’t restricted to age, and can be put to use by infants as well as big toddlers, whatever use they put it to.
  • Toddlers are most seen enjoying their bath time, so invest in your toddler’s bath time toys carefully as it can teach alphabets, letters and numbers.
  • Toys that can be used by toddlers to move around from one place to another helps in building their coordination and motor skills.
  • Toys that justify the real-life situations in a mimicking style have been the best choice for toddlers as fast as they learn from their observations.
  • Infants are not active with their body parts such as hands and legs right after their birth to 6 months of age which is the reason why a parent needs to focus on bright light features and strong audio elements in a toy for their infants as to them such a feature is more attractive and appealing.

Best Products of all time: 7 products that have had good impact on parents as well as toddlers

Preview Product Price
Nuby Octopus Floating Bath Toy, Multi-Colour £4.99
Munchkin Float and Play Bubbles Bath Toy, Pack of 2 ( Assorted Model ) £3.95
Bright Starts Shake & Spin Activity Balls £8.99
Fisher-Price BHB96 Smart Stages Chair, Educational Toddler Activity Chair Toy with Sounds, Music and... £24.97
TOMY Play to Learn Hide 'n' Squeak Eggs Currently not available
TOMY Toomies Pic & Pop Push Along Baby Toy | Toddler Ball Popper With Ball Launcher And Collector |... £19.47
LeapFrog 80-19156E Puppy Pal Scout (Green) Educational Toy with Learning Personalisation, Songs and... £23.99

1. Nuby Octopus Floating Bath Toy

A bathing toy that has 3 rings to toss down and for hooking purpose, encouraging toddlers to learn the initial steps of counting. The bright color encourages him to play with it as bright colors are attractive.


  • This toy is very entertaining and it is so much fun to play with while your toddler enjoys a good bathing.
  • It has been built to last while your infant is still growing and enjoying a learning experience.
  • The amazing feature of this product is its availability in multiple colors to match your bathtub color.


  • It is not that huge in size that a toddler might find attractive, it is relatively smaller in size.

2. Munchkin Float and Play Bubbles Bath

A baby and infant toy that not just floats but also bubble spins and rattles. It comes in a packet of two different bubbles in one.


  • It is not slippery and is easy to grasp for a baby.
  • It enriches or rather helps in developing the senses of an infant of touch, feel and sharp sight.
  • One never knows what you will get inside the bubble ball; you will be surprised to see different things coming out every time. Overall a surprise package for kids and he or she can collect it to decorate a collection.


  • This product loses its durability too early after an everyday usage compared to which the price is very high.

3. Bright Starts Shake & Spin Activity

A bright colored toy that has 5 different colored balls offering a different set of activities that are fun and entertaining from each ball.


  • This product doesn’t only spins but also has an amazing feature of different types of clicking sounds.
  • It is easy to touch, hold and grasp for a toddler with five different textures of five different balls allowing a child to learn how different shapes and textures can get with his or her touch.
  • It is very much handy because these balls are not too big to not adjust in their little hands, they will themselves learn to switch on the sound effects.


  • These balls are not too reliable as they can break out anytime because of their loose fittings.

4. Fisher-price smart stages chair

A perfect option for every parent who wants their child to grow mentally learning new things while they are growing physically. This product has recorded songs, phrases and what not that a child should learn at a developing stage.


  • This product can be both turned automatically as well as manually as per the growing age of the child accommodating to the growing needs.
  • The baby seat activates songs and phrases just when the baby sits and stands.
  • It has been modified as per the smart technology that we reside in.


  • The chair is a little high if your child is too tall it causes a problem for the child to adjust. Not worthy enough of the money that you invest.

5. Tommy Play to Learn Little Hide ‘n’ Squeak Eggs

A game where a toddler has to match the different shaped eggs at its right place. Encouraging a toddler to keep playing till the time he manages to match what stands right.


  • Bright colored eggs that are very much attractive and attention-grabbing.
  • It is very much reliable as one can play it till the baby doesn’t lose his or her interest as it is long lasting.
  • The squeaking noise the eggs make is itself very much appealing to a child especially when the hearing skills are very active at that age.


  • The sound quality is low and gets lost with usage, after being used time and again, there is no squeaking sound one gets to hear from the eggs.
  • Only suitable for an infant right from birth to 6 months of age.

6. Tommy Pic ‘n’ Pop Walker

A best toy or game for a child who is growing and has already started moving. He or She will enjoy playing this game with great enthusiasm and zeal.


  • This game is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, so you can’t just limit its usage for outdoor activity.
  • It comes with five colorful balls that are very easy to launch, as all a child needs to do is click the button on the handle.
  • It is very much effective on kids who are learning the initial steps of walking because the curiosity to launch balls with make them walk a few steps because of which they will eventually learn walking.


  • It is very much noisy to play indoors and it doesn’t functions well when the ball is to taken inside after a launch.

7. Leap Frog my Puppy Pal Scout

One of the best choices any parent would love to have is this Scout that will escort your child in learning things and lessons that every child learns when admitted to play schools and you can make him learn at home with enjoyment.


  • One can download a child’s favorite things and words or phrases, ones which he loves to listen to.
  • Soft Paws that can be pressed to hear lullabies, poems and songs to recite and learn. A very friendly scout in shape of a cute teddy bear that will even ask for hugs.
  • A parent can connect it to an online path of Leap frog to download more lessons for a relatable experience of technological learning.


  • The installation of the software is a bit difficult task to do, along with the customization of your child’s favorite things that you need to add and modify.
  • A little disappointing for people who have not been too accustomed to technology and when it doesn’t cooperate as being asked to, it is of no use.

One of the most important point to consider while buying baby toys and games is to check whether or not your kid finds interest in the toy or a game or not, because you aren’t just buying toys and games for your own keen interest of teaching him real-life lessons, he or she should connect with the toy or a game first, if done he or she is going to learn everything that the toy or game incorporates with much involvement from his or her side. Never ever try to buy toys and games according to your likes and preferences, it is not necessary that they will too like what you have got for them and may be they will. If they don’t, change it but don’t force it. As toys and games are the first friends a toddler connects to the most.


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